Dmitry Evgrafov - Lying On Your Shoulder EP

Image of Dmitry Evgrafov - Lying On Your Shoulder EP


The debut EP from 17 year old Dmitry Evgrafov comes as a homemade cdr in a chipboard arigato pak handstamped, and includes an additional 3 exclusive bonus tracks not included with the digital download.

01. While The Glacier Was Melting
02. Peals of Thunder
03. Filled Your Heart, Stirred Your Mind
04. I'm Lying On Your Shoulder
05. My Dear Melonie
06. Story of A Man (Bonus)
07. Shapes of Dying Stars (Bonus)
08. Viscous (Bonus)

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“…a prodigious young talent hailing from Moscow, who imparts into his music a maturity which seems grounded by practice far beyond his years… one gets the impression that Dmitry Evgrafov will become an important contributor to his generation’s neo-classical movement.”

Fluid Radio

“In place of things like melancholy, antagonism and defeatism, are touches of bittersweet tenderness and something that I think is best described as the sound of slightly wistful admiration. The customarily mournful tone that is inherent in string arrangements is balanced with a reflective and intimate piano, delivered in a pace that is ultimately both settling and uplifting.”

Satellite For Entropy

“His compositions are incredibly textured and delicate, borrowing the minimalistic approach of Ólafur Arnalds and the neoclassicism of Hauschka, the record dances with both agility and melancholy in an intimate and personal way. It feels surprising the amazing level of depth the record reaches, whether it’s the pressure with which each note goes down or the company of the violins that make an appearance whenever the piano feels lonely.”

Argos Barks

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